6 Expert Approved Fisting Tips You Should Try Using

6 Expert Approved Fisting Tips You Should Try Using

Fisting is one of the most fantastic sexual activities, in my opinion. It involves inserting fingers into vagina or anus for sexual pleasure. Fingers are clenched into fist and then inserted. You can do fisting on your own or with your sexual partner. You should however be careful to avoid causing injuries. Here are proven tips for safe and mind-blowing fisting.

Get Your Partner Ready

First off, make sure it’s OK before you try it! Not all women or men are ready to have a fist shoved inside of them, even if it does feel good. You should ensure that your partner is relaxed and comfortable before engaging in fisting. Preparing your woman is very important because it causes her to be sexually aroused. This makes her vagina to relax, expand and lengthen hence able accommodate a fist with ease. You should also make sure that your hands are clean to prevent vaginal infections.

Make Use of Lube

A lube acts a lubricant. It reduces friction in the vagina for easy penetration when you insert your clenched fingers or your whole fist. It also makes the act of fisting painless.

Begin Slowly

You should start slowly by inserting two fingers into her vagina. When the vagina relaxes, increase the number of fingers until you find it appropriate to put the entire fist inside.

Duck Fingers Inside Her Vagina

Ducking your fingers results into a wedge shape so that you can hit her sensitive spots for maximum sexual pleasure. As you do this, try applying some slow pressure inside your adult partner’s vagina.

Let Your Partner Play the Leading Role

Because the action is taking place inside her body, let her tell you when you should insert, how you should do it, when to remove the clenched fingers or add more and eventually when it is sufficient. This helps to prevent injuries especially when the fisting is too hard or done rapidly.


Ask your partner how she feels when your fingers are inside her. Fisting helps to stimulate wild sexual stimulation in women. If she feels good, fold your fingers well and continue to make fucking movements until she begins to moan in ecstasy.
In conclusion, the above fisting tips have been proved by experts to be very effective. They will enable your partner to have an amazing sexual satisfaction. GUARANTEED.

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