What does your lover do for you? It will make you laugh but one of my dates at Westminster escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/westminster-escorts brings me soup. Alan is a great amateur chef and he knows that I love soup. Whenever we have a date, he makes sure that he makes me some soup, and turns up with at my door. It is lovely and a real gesture from the heart. I wish that I knew more guys who did things like that.


When I come to think of it, I do know a lot of guys at Westminster escorts who do special things for me. This one gent called Philip owns a garage and always fixes my car. He takes it away, brings me a loan car and brings it back when it has been fixed. It saves me a small fortune on bills as he does not charge me labour. I have to say that I give him some special perks as well. Keeping a man happy that fixes your care is worth its weight in gold.


Then we have Nick of course. Nick is really well off but he has got some funny ideas. We have been dating for about two years now at Westminster escorts. When he is not too busy, he has this passion for gardening. Sometimes when I really busy at the agency, he will go home and do my garden. I love that and I even came home to a new border last year. It may seem like a weird relationship but it really works. I am sure that he loves what he does.


Then we have my friend Tarzan because of his broad chest. He is a lovely guy and runs an antique business here in Westminster. Before I met him, I used to buy my furniture in IKEA just like anybody else. I do like old things and he noticed that I had some old stuff at my Westminster escorts boudoir. Now he supplies me with all of my furniture and it is really nice stuff. Of course, I pay for it and he knows what I like. There is no need for me to run in and out of expensive show rooms with Tarzan around.


It is amazing how you collect certain people that are good for you in your life. I am not sure that all of the gents that I meet at Westminster escorts are as handy as these three. Getting some gents to talk about their personal life is not easy. I said to one of my girlfriends the other day, that all that I need now is a hairdresser and a doctor to make up my list of the essential five. Mind you, I don’t want to be a greedy girl. I am rather happy as I am. It would be nice to have the perfect five but that may not happen. I like my little trio that I can on at any time. Most of the other girls are a bit envious of what I have got. How I got them together, I really don’t know at all.


He Brings Me Soup
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